Commercial surveying

We pride ourselves on working to understand the commercial realities of a construction process and why the survey is needed. This allows us to remain nimble and adaptable to provide the right surveying solution to your business. Over the years we have built strong commercial relationships because of our willingness to understand the projects, and our clients keep coming back for our ability to provide creative solutions for even the most challenging surveys. Quality and adaptability are at the core of everything we do, and we use the latest technology and software systems to ensure your project meets all its job specifications and timelines.

Construction surveying services

We provide a range of high accuracy construction services tailored to our client needs, such as set-out and as-constructed surveying. We will work with you to deliver an accurate interpretation of the design, by transforming the design into a physical representation on the ground through set-out. In addition, our team has worked on many construction projects to collect the as-constructed spatial data to confirm if the infrastructure has been built within tolerances.

Engineering & architectural feature surveys

We know your infrastructure project relies on accurate spatial data as the basis of the decision-making. With this in mind, we will partner with you to understand your project outcomes, and ensure that any structures, architectural features, services, road corridors, or any other topographic information or infrastructure features, are accurately mapped and the spatial data is delivered in a meaningful way. We will work with you to understand your data delivery requirements, whether it be via custom reporting, diagrams, or 3D models designed to suit your specific project need.

structural steel

We have extensive experience on high-precision structural steel projects on a wide-range of project sizes. We have gained a strong understanding of the intricacies of structural steel construction, and knowing how and where to survey, provides highly accurate deliverables for the project.

Our extensive structural steel experience covers:

  • Verticality reports
  • Equipment installs
  • Pre or post fabrication
  • Hold down bolts (pre and post pour)
  • Live monitoring or installation
  • Line and level set-out
  • Site verification surveys

Laser scanning

Using our 3D laser scanning technology, we can transform the physical features of your project into a 3D digital map (point cloud) with millions of digital points, enabling us to capture even those most minute of detail. The point clouds produced enable us to accurately measure any scanned object or environment with high accuracy. We will then deliver this information to you in the format that works best for your project.

Laser scanning has many useful applications in construction, such as:

  • Building facades or internal structures
  • As-built documentation
  • Heritage preservation or restoration

Aerial drone mapping

Aerial drone mapping technology is at the forefront of surveying technology. Our drone takes high-definition photos from multiple different angles to produce a highly accurate point cloud, enabling us to measure objects or environments such as roads, bodies of water, trees or structures to high accuracy.

Drone mapping also has the ability to cover large areas in short timeframes, often in unreachable or restricted areas, and is the future for high-risk environments to reduce major safety concerns. It is exciting to be at the forefront of technology in this rapidly progressing industry and provide fresh insights to our commercial clients.

Drone surveys are highly suitable for:

  • Large commercial developments
  • Stockpile volume calculations
  • Bulk earthworks – cut and fill
  • Rooftop imagery or calculations
  • Terrain modelling

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