Residential surveying

At 360° Surveying, we love delighting our customers. Our goal is to make your surveying experience seamless and uncomplicated. We will work with you to understand your residential surveying requirements, whether it be boundary surveys, detail surveys, or working with you to undertake a land division process.

Boundary identification survey

Undertaking a boundary survey is part of our DNA. We are often contacted by people who are told they need a boundary survey, but are unsure why. With this in mind, we aim to provide an informative, but quick, service to provide you with the turnaround time you need to get your project underway. We offer a full service where survey marks will be placed to identify the boundary, and a Boundary Identification Plan is supplied so you, or your builder, know exactly where to place your structure.

Boundary surveys are useful for many things, not limited to:

  • Building a new home
  • Building a new shed or carport
  • Home extensions
  • New fencing
  • Boundary disagreements with neighbours
  • Land division

    Land division project management is at the core of our business. We know that many people who are looking to complete a land division have never gone through this process before.

    There are many hidden components, and our team will guide you through each step from conception, through to project completion where final land division approval is issued by the Lands Titles Office (LTO). Whether you want to subdivide your current property as an investment, for business, or even just to live on a smaller block size, we can help with your land division project across the following areas:

    • Torrens Title subdivision
    • Community Title subdivision
    • Rural subdivision

    While a lot goes into the surveying and project management of any subdivision, the key elements include:

  • 1. Initial stages

    We will work with you to define your scope and subdivision goals. This will include preparing a proposal plan, liaising with the council, and if you would like, speaking directly with your builder of choice and architect to make sure the block dimensions work with your building objectives.

  • 2. Approvals

    Once your scope of work is defined and your proposal plan is drafted, we will submit your land division development application through to council on your behalf. Your development application approval will be subject to conditions which we will guide you through.

  • 3. Field survey & development conditions

    The development conditions are specific to your development, however, they may include: demolition of any existing structures, installation of sewer and water by SA Water, identifying impacted street trees, and completing a certified survey by a licensed land surveyor.

  • 4. Lodgement

    After the development conditions have been met, we will submit your final certified subdivision plan through to the LTO, drawn to the LTO plan presentation standards and submit to government plan examiners for assessment and approval.

  • 5. Land division complete and over to your conveyancer!

    Following the final examination and LTO approval of the land division, we will liaise with your conveyancer to ensure they have the necessary information to prepare the application for the new titles.

Detail or contour survey

Often detail or contour surveys are requested by council, architects or engineers. It can involve surveying as much information as is required to mark out the location of features on your property (for example, buildings, trees, retaining walls, slope gradient). We pride ourselves on being able to accurately replicate the existing topography and location of site structures so you can plan and design your new project.

Detail or contour surveys can be useful for:

  • Property development
  • House extensions
  • Maximising lot yield, whilst maintaining council compliance
  • Building design
  • Analysing site slope or drainage
  • Calculating retaining wall heights
  • Landscape design
  • Reporting on building floor levels and current footprints
  • Providing location of utility services

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