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  • Do I need a boundary identification survey if I’m planning to replace a fence or retaining wall? Or if I’m planning to build a structure near my property boundary?

    Yes, this is highly advised! A new fence or wall built over your boundary and into your neighbour’s property could cause costly boundary disputes down the track. If you build over the boundary, creating an encroachment, the cost to fix the issue or settle a dispute would generally outweigh the cost of a boundary identification and certificate in the first instance.

  • I am wanting to sub-divide my block. What is the process involved? And, how long does it take?

    Generally, a land division process will around 4-6 months if everything progresses smoothly, this can be variable depending on the specific elements of a project, as well as response time from the various statutory bodies involved in the process, such as council, SA Water, DIT, LTO. There are 3 main stages to a land division, including:

    1. The development application
    2. Satisfying the development conditions
    3. Lodging the final land division plan in the LTO

    Our team will guide you through each step from conception, through to project completion where final land division approval is issued by the LTO.

  • Do I need a licensed surveyor to define my boundaries?

    Yes - In South Australia, only licensed surveyors may undertake a boundary survey or place a survey mark that defines a property boundary.

  • My neighbour has just had a boundary survey performed. Am I entitled to see the plan, as it affects my property?

    Your neighbour isn’t obligated to give you a copy of their plan, as they have paid for the survey, and the plan/certificate remains their property. If you have any queries regarding a recently performed survey, “contact us” (link) and get specific advice from one of our licensed surveyors.

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